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As documented in an article by Tatyana Smirnova (Ruaztec cattery) in "Droug" ("Friend") cat journal, vol no 11, 2001, the first Devon Rex imported into Russia from Belgium and France in the early 1990’s. The exact data is unknown, this is due to the small scale of breeding at that time. From other records two of these original cats have been traced:

  • male D'Anjou's Ivan DRX n (black) (Pretty Eye's Top Hat x Taikatassun Mustaa Magiaa), owner Zoya Vabischevitch, Moscow, "Amata Grey" cattery, "Russia" Cat Club (WCF);
  • female Boogie Woogie Cherly DRX w63 (odd-eyed white) (CH Elegance's Tango of Boogie Woogie х CH Boogie Woogie's Hottennanny) owner Zoya Vabischevitch, Moscow, "Amata Grey" cattery.

Both of these imports are from some of the oldest lines of catteries in the USA, Ivan born of a Finnish dam of born of two "Cordurex" cats (Canada) and Cherly direct from "Boogie Woogie" cattery (USA).

Ivan has Kirlee 12 generations back, it is worthy of note that all Russian studs who have Ivan and Cherly in their pedigrees can be traced back to the original Devon Rex Kirlee. Most of his offsprings came back to Russia from the Ukraine (catteries "My Caprise", "Antariys", "Doncat").

The first imports into the Ukraine (Kharkov city) from the first litter from the first Polish Devon Rex cattery "Loki Miao" in the mid 1990’s, were these related (dams side) pair:

  • male Amadeusz Loki Miao DRX w62 (gold-eyed white) d.o.b. 07.11.1995 (EC Farukin Metku-Mooses, Finland x GIC Tosa Oboe, Italy) owner Tatiana Potapova, "Tair Polling" cattery;
  • female Una Prowent DRX f24 (tortie spotted tabby) d.o.b. 30.11.1995 (IC Cartoon’s Udy-Ni’Lynx, Italy x IC Tullia Oboe, Italy) owner Nadezhda Zinchenko, "Va-Len-Mar" cattery.

Una and Amadeusz
Una Prowent and Amadeusz Loki Miao with kittens, 1999

Over the coming years these two cats produced a lot of litters, some of these went on to form the pedigree blood lines in the Ukraine and found their wide way back to Russia in more than 10 their imported offsprings.


During period of 6 years 1996-2002 (before owner's immigration to Canada) the cattery of the well known Sphynx breeder and biologist Tatiana Smirnova "Ruaztec" worked with Devon Rex breed also. Tatiana has bought 3 cats in the famous american cattery Loganderry (breeder Geraldine Logan):

  • male Loganderry’s Bamboo of Ruaztec DRX n2132 (seal tabby mink) d.o.b. 09.06.1996 (Loganderry’s Georgie Porgie x Loganderry’s Upsa Daisy);
  • female Loganderry’s Ruffles of Ruaztec DRX ds21 (cameo) d.o.b. 24.06.1994 (Loganderry’s Georgie Porgie x GC, RW Loganderry's Truffles of Dillettante, DM), co-owned with Loganderry cattery;
  • female Loganderry’s Minou of Ruaztec DRX w62 (white gold-eyed) d.o.b. 15.06.1997 (GC Loganderry’s Kismet of Skylarque x CH Loganderry’s Ballyhoo) - co-owned with Loganderry, high titled in USA being showed by breeder (). Minou not used in breeding in Russia, she stayes in USA.

2nd Best Devon Rex Kitten 1997-98 show season
9th Best Devon Rex 1997-98 show season
CFA Ch Loganderry's Minou of Ruaztec

Ruaztec also imported from Canada:

  • female Shaineh Pixelle of Ruaztec DRX f23 (tortie mackerel tabby) d.o.b. 25.10.1995 (CH CapeMay Solar Flare of Shaineh х CH Clarick's Sobie Lala of Shaineh);
  • female Shaineh Angel Face of Ruaztec DRX f2133 (tortie tabby point) d.o.b. (CH CapeMay Solar Flare of Shaineh х CH Animosity Loretta of Shaineh);
  • female Cordurex White Fantazy DRX w62 (white gold-eyed) - not used in breeding.

The first Devon Rex litter of Ruaztec breeding from Loganderry’s Bamboo of Ruaztec x Loganderry’s Ruffles of Ruaztec was born on 13.08.1998, including male Ruaztec Marsik DRX ds21 (cameo), who was kept by the breeder and founded his own breeding line, with his offspring exported to Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Latvia and Estonia.

Ruaztec cattery first litter of Devon Rex
Ruaztec Marsik (on right) with sister Ruaztec Lolita, 1998
(Loganderry's Bamboo of Ruaztec x Loganderry's Ruffles of Ruaztec)

The most important for future Russian breeding litters in Ruaztec cattery:

Loganderry’s Bamboo of Ruaztec x Shaineh Angel Face of Ruaztec d.o.b. 02.05.1999, including female Ruaztec Ossiris DRX n2133 (seal tabby point) kept by Ruaztec, the dam of Ruaztec Floretta DRX a2133 (blue tabby point female) - foundation dam of Ukrainian cattery "Doncat" (about 20 kittens from this cattery returned back to Russia later) - pictured below.

Loganderry's Bamboo of Ruaztec x Elegant Style Dulcinea of Ruaztec (owned by Ligita Udre, Latvia, "Inger" cattery, leased by Tatiana Smirnova) d.o.b. 20.03.2000:
- male Ruaztec Corsar DRX n23 (brown mackerel tabby) owner Nadezhda Storozh, Latvia, "Loud Kiss" cattery - is a well-known producer in Latvia with more than 10 of his offspring coming back to breeders in Russia;
- female Ruaztec Butterfly DRX a23 (blue mackerel tabby) kept by Ruaztec, the most winning Devon Rex in Russian CFA - the Best Adult Allbreed on CFA show in Moscow, 2002 (3x times 1st Best Cat in allbreed finals, 1x 2nd Best Cat in allbreed final etc., ).

CFA Ch Ruaztec Butterfly and Ruaztec Ossiris, 2002

Ruaztec Marsik x Shaineh Pixelle of Ruaztec d.o.b. 02.08.2000:
female Ruaztec Karina DRX hs24 (chocolate tortie silver tabby) kept by Ruaztec, famous breeding queen, can be found in a pedigrees of the best modern Russian Devon Rex.

In 1999 Ruaztec imported from Latvia 2 kittens who went out from known european lines:

  • male Valeri Artemis Daniel DRX a32 (blue mink) d.o.b. 20.10.1999 (Elegant Style Best x Elegant Style Catharina) - can be found in a lot of pedigrees of Russian Devons;
  • female Inger’s Alien Annette of Ruaztec DRX n (black) d.o.b. 25.08.1999 (Elegant Style Best x Elegant Style Dulcinea). Inger’s Alien Annette of Ruaztec, in spite of being mated only once in Ruaztec, "has put her paw" on Russian breeding no less than the above mentioned American and Canadian females.

On 02.08.2000 was born Annette's only one litter in Ruaztec sired of Valeri Artemis Daniel and included female Ruaztec Paloma DRX a33 (blue point), kept by Ruaztec in co-ownership with Alex Molkanov, Moscow. Through this one only her kitten Annette has a great influence in Russian Devon Rex breeding!

Inger's Alien Annette
Inger's Alien Annette of Ruaztec, 2000

In modern Russian and Ukrainian breeding active some other Annette's offsprings originated from Ukrainian cattery "Antariys*UA" where Annette was sold from Ruaztec.

Ruaztec Paloma was sired also only once of Loganderry's Bamboo of Ruaztec and born on 20.03.2002:
male Ruaztec Hukky DRX n2132 (seal tabby mink) kept by breeder - the main Ruaztec stud all last years, gave birth to many Champions;
female Ruaztec Lassy DRX a2132 (blue tabby mink) owner Alexander Zaitcev, Moscow, "Zaitec" (CFA) - the dam of foundation stud male of "Vivid Bouquet" cattery (WCF, CFA), Russia.

Ruaztec Lassy
Ruaztec Lassy born 2002

The following years shows Ruaztec cattery was the most influential in the development of the Devon Rex in Russia, with it’s descendants meeting in different combinations in the majority of pedigrees of modern Russian Devons. Loganderry’s Bamboo of Ruaztec through his descendants is a huge influence on Russian Devon Rex. Unfortunately Loganderry’s Minou of Ruaztec and Cordurex White Fantasy of Ruaztec are now not found in Russian pedigrees, the same however can not be said of the other Ruaztec's, who can be traced through the majority of Russian pedigrees.

Ruaztec's were used as foundation studs and queens in known Russian catteries - "Zaitec" (owner Alex Zaitcev, Moscow), "Bel-Aztec" (owner Marina Beljanova, Saint-Petersburg), "Jesterex" (owner Natalia Anastasenko, Moscow), "Sheliti" (owner Alla Bezimova, Moscow), "Vivid Bouquet" (owners Larisa Markova & Olga Pushkareva, Samara) and so on.

Vivid Bouquet Brusnichka and Enigma
Best Devon Rex of 2007 of Russian Devon Rex Club,
CFA Ch, WCF ICh Vivid Bouquet Brusnichka born 2005
and her daugther CFA Ch Vivid Bouquet Enigma

(Technicolor Casanova x Vivid Bouquet Brusnichka) born 2006


The most fundamental influence on the Devon Rex breed and their development in Russia is down to four countries – the USA, Canada, Latvia and Poland (as the majority of Polish Devons have been imported from the Ukraine, it would be correct to mention the Ukrainian – Polish influence). In paradox today, the small and closely inbred stock of Devons in Russia in the few working catteries that exist it is worthy of note that the vast majority are direct descendants of Russian Devons with American and Canadian origin, which were bought from Moscow. Having sold our bests to foreign catteries we are now compelled to buy their offspring!

Ironically more than half of imported Devon Rex (for breeding and showing) from Ukraine and Latvia originated from first Russian breeding of "Ruaztec" and "Amata Grey" catteries and close relative to all past Russian Devon Rex!

The situation with closely related and in highly inbreed stock in Russia presented in those period a serious danger for the future. Therefore a major interest for Russian breeders was to import "fresh" blood (not relative to all current Russian population in first 3 generations of pedigree at least).

NEW! During 5 years only (2005-2010) Russian breeders have imported 61 Devon Rex with relatively new blood lines (besides of Ukraine and Belarus).

There are listed some of them:

Latvia - 19 (7 from Malsan, 4 from Simiks, 3 from Antava, 2 from Loud Kiss, 1 Minkuparka, 1 Dalita, 1 Elfiens Castle) but some of them are partially relative to old Russian bloodlines (see above)

USA - 11 (2 from Everafter, 2 from Koro, 2 from Pixie Pals, 1 from Derry-Hill, 1 Kirleekat, 1 Meikai, 1 Technicolor, 1 Tex-Lapcatz)

Canada - 6 (2 from Raya, 4 from Ruaztec - Tatiana Smirnova has immigrated to Canada in 2002 with a half of her breeding cats)

Germany - 7 (2 from Florentino, 2 from Belada, 1 Likoma, 1 Phu Quoc, 1 Noble Rex)

Sweden - 4 (Talamasca, Bonnea, Citrinens, Q-T-Curls)

Poland - 4 (Gatissimo, Sheramar, Abrachdabrach, Agubamka)

Israel - 3 (Karavella)

Norway - 2 (Santala)

Switzerland - 2 (Walant-Cat, Pharao)

Italy - 2 (Rexperiment, Del Duca D'este)

Slovakia - 1 (Scarface)

December, 2010

The most winning and known Russian Devon Rex bred
and/or owned by Russian Devon Rex club members

Ruaztec Vasiliska born 1999
(Loganderry's Bamboo of Ruaztec x
Shaineh Angel Face of Ruaztec)

CFA Ch Ruaztec Butterfly (Loganderry's Bamboo of Ruaztec x Elegant Style Dulcinea of Ruaztec), the cover-girl of Russian Cat Magazine "Droug" ("Friend"), 2001

Ruaztec Butterfly
CFA Ch Ruaztec Butterfly (Loganderry's Bamboo of Ruaztec x Elegant Style Dulcinea of Ruaztec), the highest scoring adult (Best Cat) at CFA show Moscow, 2002

Ruaztec Karina and Alexander Bujnov
Ruaztec Karina (as kitten) (Ruaztec Marsik x Shaineh Pixelle of Ruaztec), with famous Russian singer Alexander Bujnov - cover-girl of popular Russian magazine, 2000

Ruaztec Karina
Ruaztec Karina (see above) pictured at 8 years old -
one of the foundation Devon Rex of Russian breeding

Ruaztec Golden Elf
Ruaztec Golden Elf born 2004 - one of the famous offsprings of Karina (Ruaztec Hucky x Ruaztec Karina)

Eleonora Smirnova with Cordurex White Fantasy
One of Ruaztec cattery owners Eleonora Smirnova (Tatiana's mother) with Cordurex White Fantasy (Canadian imp.), pictured at Russian Cat Magazine "Droug" ("Friend"), 2001

Loud Kiss Beatrix
2nd Best Cat of Year 2005 WCF-Russia,
Breed Winner WCF 2004-2006, Grand Euro Ch WCF

Loud Kiss Beatrix, Latvian imp. born 2003
(Ruaztec Corsar x Inger's Ruth)

Vivid Bouquet Brusnichka
Best Devon Rex of 2007 of Russian Devon Rex Club,
CFA Ch, WCF ICh Vivid Bouquet Brusnichka
(Ruaztec Golden Elf x Loud Kiss Beatrix) born 2005


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